Chapter 04

1. Visit a fitness center, gym, or exercise rehabilitation facility and identify situations in which reinforcement, punishment, negative reinforcement, and extinction occur.

2. Choose one stage in the transtheoretical model and develop an online resource that would provide useful exercise-related information for people currently in that stage.

3. Use the material in Exhibit 4.5 to conduct a survey of students in your class. Ask them to read the definition of regular exercise and then indicate which of the five items best describes their exercise patterns. Then complete the following:

  • Graph your results.
  • Write a short paragraph that describes your results.
  • Write a recommendation indicating where exercise-enhancing interventions are most needed (i.e., for people in which stage) and what immediate steps should be taken to help students who are in this stage to move to the next stage.

4. Imagine that you have been hired to increase physical activity within your community. You will be given all the money and resources that you need. Using a social ecological approach, develop a plan for increasing physical activity that will target multiple levels of influence.

5. Make a list of all of the constructs presented in the theories and models discussed in Chapters 3 and 4. Which constructs occur the most often? Which constructs occur the least often? Which constructs would you be most likely to include if you were to develop your own model or theory of exercise behavior, and why?

6. Conduct an Internet search for websites, videos, and apps that have been developed to encourage people to become more physically active. Using the list of constructs generated in Learning Activity 5 (above), select a website, video, and app and identify those constructs that are being targeted for change in each. Which constructs are targeted most often? Why do you think these are the most popular theoretical targets for change?