Chapter 10

1. Imagine two groups of individuals. Group 1 scores relatively high on trait anxiety and Group 2 scores relatively low on trait anxiety. Based on what you know from the chapter, describe these two groups in terms of the levels of physical activity you suspect they have.

2. Choose a day when your perceived stress level is fairly high. Go for a brisk 15-minute walk. Before you go, using the scale below, mark a “B” for “before” on the line to indicate how you feel at that time relative to being either very tense/anxious or very calm/relaxed. When you return from your walk, mark an “A” for “after” to indicate how you feel. After you’ve rated how you feel, answer the following questions:

Ch 10_Image3

a. Is there any change in the location of your A versus your B?

b. Based on the results, how would you rate the walk in terms of its ability to influence your anxiety level? Why do you think the score changed (or didn’t change)?