Chapter 13

1. Based on what you learned in the chapter, design an exercise program for a group of older, sedentary, but otherwise relatively healthy adults. Specify frequency, intensity, duration, and type of activity. Consider both how you will get these individuals started on their program and, perhaps more important, how you will keep them going beyond the initial few weeks.

2. If you wished to assess changes in cognitive functioning in this group, what aspects of cognitive functioning would you measure and why?

3. You are part of a team charged with developing a convincing argument for why all grade schools in the country should include daily physical education in the curriculum. Your role is to make the case for this daily requirement on cognitive grounds. That is, your task is to put together as strong an argument as you can that daily physical education will help the children in their academic performance, understanding that others will argue that taking time away from academic classes will hurt the students’ academic performance. Present as convincing a case as you can, using the available evidence to support your arguments.