Chapter 01

For each term below, first note how you would define the term. Then, click on the arrow to reveal the book’s definition.


Short-term, temporary.


The maintenance of an exercise regimen for a prolonged period of time.


The beginning stage of an exercise regimen.

Behavioral medicine

A field of medicine that focuses on the interrelationships of behavioral, physical, and psychosocial factors in the understanding of healthful living and the treatment of illness, disease, and disability.

Biopsychosocial approach

An approach to understanding behavior based on the belief that the body, mind, and social environment influence one another and, ultimately, behavior.


Long-term, relatively permanent.


A form of leisure physical activity (as opposed to occupational or household physical activity) that is undertaken in order to achieve a particular objective (e.g., improved appearance, improved cardiorespiratory fitness, reduced stress).

Exercise psychology

A field of study concerned with the application of psychological principles to the promotion and maintenance of leisure physical activity (exercise) and the psychological and emotional consequences of leisure physical activity. 

Exercise science

The field devoted to the study of all aspects of sport, recreation, exercise/fitness, and rehabilitative behavior.

Health psychology

A field of psychology that is concerned with psychological processes related to health and health care; it is, therefore, not limited to the health behavior of exercise.


Time that an individual is not engaged in work or household activities.

Medical model

The use of traditional forms of medicine (e.g., pharmacology) for improving physical and/ or mental health.


Failure to maintain an exercise regimen prescribed by a health care professional.

Physical activity

Any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure.


A field of study concerned with the various mental processes that people experience and use in all aspects of their lives.

Rehabilitation psychology

An area of psychology dealing with the relationship between psychological factors and the physical rehabilitation process.

Sport psychology

A field of psychology focusing on the psychological antecedents and consequences of sport performance.