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Chapter 9


computerized dynamic posturography
instrumented staircase
motion recording devices
force platform
instrumented treadmill
magnetic resonance imaging
pressure insole
temporal analysis

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Study Questions

  1. Explain the focus of developmental biomechanics.
  2. The safety and mechanical efficiency of tools would most likely be evaluated by which type of biomechanist?
  3. List and describe some optical recording devices.
  4. Define biomechanics.
  5. Is biomechanics a discipline? Explain.
  6. Why do we need to study movement using an interdisciplinary approach?
  7. What is the difference between biomechanics and kinesiology?
  8. Define kinetics, kinematics, dynamics, and statics.
  9. Identify the major areas of research in biomechanics.
  10. Give five examples of biomechanical applications.
  11. What is a force platform?
  12. Name five journals where biomechanists publish their research.

Learning Activities

  1. Go to either the International Society of Biomechanics in Sport website (www.isbs.org) or the Canadian Society of Biomechanics website (www.csb-scb.com). Write a brief description of the website’s contents.
  2. Find two different professional journals that publish articles related to biomechanics. Retrieve one article from each. In your own words, write an abstract for each article.
  3. Explore (using the Internet and/or written sources) the job market for biomechanics, and write a brief report on one potential career opportunity.

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