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Whiteboard – Reading

* Note:  Before using Lesson files please read these instructions.

LESSON:   Classic literature quotes

“Sad” story face  –  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer and retelling of Patricia Polacco’s The Butterfly (2000)  –  .pdf  .jpg

Text mapping example  –  .pdf  .jpg

Multiple perspective diary entries  –  .pdf  .jpg1  .jpg2

Story web  –  .pdf  .jpg

Story map  –  .pdf  .jpg

Student journal using Question Connect Transform  –  .pdf  .jpg

Character perspective chart  –  .pdf  .jpg

Venn diagram  –  .pdf  .jpg

Key words associated with text structures  –  .pdf  .jpg

Chart for comparing multiple sources for a topic  –  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Timeline  –  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Sequence for life cycle  –  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Description or Enumeration  –  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Classification  –  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Comparison/contrast  –  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Cause/effect  –  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Problem/solution  –  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Persuasion  –  .pdf  .jpg

Sample K-T-W-L-E chart  –  .pdf  .jpg

Think-aloud  –  .pdf  .jpg

Learning log entry and analysis  –  .pdf  .jpg

Sample science log (second grade)  –  .pdf  .jpg

Sample response to Question Connect Transform  –  .pdf  .jpg