Chapter 02

1. Arrange to meet with a teacher and examine the report for one student’s achievement test results (no need to see the student’s name). With the teacher, analyze the report as though you were trying to use the data for planning instruction. What additional information do you feel might be helpful?

2. Administer a reading or writing attitude survey to a student from grades 4–8. Tabulate and analyze the responses. The following questions are provided to help you analyze the information. What are the implications for instruction?
      a. What are the student’s perceptions about reading/writing?
      b. What does the student feel are important characteristics of good reading/writing?
      c. How insightful is this student in terms of how he or she perceives reading/writing?
      d. What other relevant information did you discover about the student?
      e. Do your data indicate that the student has a healthy attitude toward reading/writing?

3. Observe classroom teachers as they administer a specific literacy assessment tool (e.g., running records, cloze test, word lists, spelling test, district writing prompts). Discuss the interpretation of the results with the teachers. Why was the assessment given? What was learned? How will they adapt instruction as a result of the information gained?