Chapter 03

1. Find a teacher in grades 4–8 who is currently preparing a dramatic production with students. Discuss with the teacher her reasons for using this instructional activity. Observe the students as they practice their roles. Are all students involved? In what capacities? What major oral language goals are being achieved through this activity?

2. Observe a class giving oral reports. In what ways, if any, are students encouraged to use technology and multimedia to enhance their presentations? How has the delivery of oral presentations changed since you were in school?

3. After carefully reviewing the guidelines in “Suggestions for Teacher-Guided Discussions,” earlier in this chapter, lead a discussion with a small group of students on a controversial topic such as “Is homework a necessary evil?” Reflect afterward and share your reflections with the rest of the class. What went well? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?

4. With another small group of students, examine several curriculum guides to determine what provisions are made for the development of oral language from grades 4 through grade 8. Categorize your findings according to the types of purposeful speech activities presented in this chapter.