Chapter 06

1. Arrange to visit a middle school classroom during writing workshop. Listen to the conversation that accompanies the composing process. Take notes on what you hear. How did “talk” facilitate the writing process?

2. Ask a small group of students what they prefer to read and what they prefer to write: fiction (stories, novels), nonfiction (informational texts, biographies, arguments), or poetry. Is there a difference between the genres students choose to read and what they choose to write? Why might this be so?

3. Survey a small group of students about their computer literacy. How comfortable are they with using the computer as a writing tool? How accessible are computers to these students when they are writing? How many use Inspiration, Prezi, or other multimedia tools while writing? How often do they actually publish and share their work online? Is their audience limited to class members only, or is it open to a wider group?