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NSA Files: Decoded



Nice package from theguardian (U.K.) about the NSA spying scandal. It features seamlessly integrated videos, interactive graphics and documents.




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14 Best Digital Tools for Journalists from ONA 13


Courtesy of Gannett, a list of the best new software tools for journalists discussed at the 2013 Online News Association conference. The list includes tools for creating content, tools for searching social media sources and tools for online reporting.


Overcome your fear of numbers, uncover great stories like these

Some great tips and online tools for doing number-based reporting. From Online News Association.

The Insanely Illustrated Guide To Your First Data-Driven TileMill Map

Here’s a tutorial and overview of TileMill, a free, downloadable program for PC or Mac that allows you to create data-driven maps. From Data for Radicals.

Redefining Interactive Narratives & Multimedia Storytelling

Insights on multimedia storytelling from New York Times Multimedia Editor Andrew DeVigal.