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Taxonomy of Digital Story Packages

BerkelyStudents_Facebook Page


From the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, this guide features examples of different approaches to online story packages.



Image courtesy of UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism’s Facebook page.

NSA Files: Decoded



Nice package from theguardian (U.K.) about the NSA spying scandal. It features seamlessly integrated videos, interactive graphics and documents.




Image courtesy of


The Six Best YouTube URL Tricks



This page from shows tricks for linking to YouTube videos, including repeating all or part of a video, downloading a video, jumping to a specific point in a video and disabling related videos.

Lightning Photography: A Case Study



Lightning photography is a pretty specialized business, but a great lightning photograph can really help make an online story. The Ohio Newspaper Association provides this page where a newspaper photographer and weather-chaser provides tips.



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Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling



This site from the University of Houston is aimed primarily at educators, but it offers good information about digital tools and copyright and also some nice examples.

Image courtesy of this educational blog.

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