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Taxonomy of Digital Story Packages

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From the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, this guide features examples of different approaches to online story packages.



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NSA Files: Decoded



Nice package from theguardian (U.K.) about the NSA spying scandal. It features seamlessly integrated videos, interactive graphics and documents.




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News Chops: Beefing up the Journalism in Local Public Broadcasting



From J-Lab at American University, this feature profiles a number of public broadcasters that are exploring new ways of producing local, enterprise and investigative journalism. These efforts include partnerships, grants, shared workspaces and shared reporters.





Image courtesy of the Contemporary Critique Blog

Sorry, Jeff Bezos, the news bundle isn’t coming back



When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post in August 2013, it raised many issues about the synergies between legacy news organizations and online retailing. This story addresses Bezos’ vision for re-energizing the “news bundle,” the idea of news organizations providing users with a ready-made bundle of stories.



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Online News Association 2013 Awards

This page contains links to all of the finalists (and the winners!) of the Online News Association’s 2013 awards.

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