Set of Principles for Fair Use in Journalism

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As we know, it’s often difficult to know for sure when “fair use” of copyrighted material becomes copyright infringement. This site from the Center for Media & Social Impact tries to help by spelling out accepted community standards and providing examples of where journalists can safely utilize fair use.

How To Build a High-Performing Digital Team



This site from the Harvard Business Review provides guidelines for envisioning and hiring an effective digital content team. Although you may not yet be at the stage where you’re actually hiring people, the principles described might help you be one of the people who gets hired.



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Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling



This site from the University of Houston is aimed primarily at educators, but it offers good information about digital tools and copyright and also some nice examples.

Image courtesy of this educational blog.

Voice Recording for the Home Studio

voice recording
A lot of us are looking for ways to record better audio for narration and other online purposes. This excellent guide gives you some ideas for setting up an inexpensive home “studio” that will let you record good audio. It also has examples of good and not-so-good recordings.



Image courtesy of The Rapid E-Learning Blog.

10 Steps to Creating Your Own Slideshow




This guide from The Onion humor site is a joke, but it does illustrate some of the real challenges in creating an effective slideshow.
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How to Photograph a Fire: A Journalist’s Guide



Courtesy of the Ohio Newspaper Association, this page provides some great tips for photographing fires, complete with examples.


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