The chapter links on the left-hand side of this page compile the following features from the textbook:

Focus Questions

These questions help you to focus on the chapter’s content goals.

Key Concepts

Provides a convenient list of each chapter’s key concepts.

Questions for Journal Writing & Discussion

Questions at the end of each chapter help readers reflect on and internalize key ideas in the chapter. You may respond to questions in journal form or the questions may be used in class to stimulate discussion.

Suggestions for Projects & Field Activities

This special section makes the connection between research and theory and real classroom practice. At the end of each chapter, you will find several suggestions for surveying, interviewing, or observing local classroom teachers to compare strategies presented in the chapter with actual practice. Other activities ask you to try out a strategy or activity from the chapter with a small group of primary school children. These activities are useful as assignments for students in field placement experiences.


Links to all the web resources provided in the chapter.