Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3     Emergent Literacy

Focus Questions

  • What are the stages of language acquisition?
  • What are some of the literacy-related concepts that come into play when children from birth to kindergarten share in literacy experiences?
  • How is emergent literacy defined, and how does this differ from reading readiness?
  • What are the key components of emergent literacy that help determine whether a child will be successful in learning to read and write?
  • What are the major influences on children’s early literacy development?
  • How can parents and teachers best foster the development of emergent literacy?
  • How do the Common Core State Standards impact emergent literacy education?
  • What are some research-supported emergent literacy interventions for children with special needs?
  • What are strategies to use with students who are in the early stages of learning to read and write while learning to become fluent in speaking English?

Key Concepts

Questions for Journal Writing & Discussion

Suggestions for Projects & Field Activities


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