Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9     Writing–Reading Connections

Focus Questions

  • What are appropriate writing goals for primary-grade students? How can these goals be achieved for every child?
  • How can writing workshop be used to help young children learn about print and see themselves as authors?
  • How can a writing program be structured so that students write about topics that are interesting to them and write stories that are personally meaningful?
  • In what ways can teachers use modeling and writing structures to encourage emergent writers to acquire the conventions of written language?
  • How can “reading to write” and “writing to read” strategies be used to nurture young students’ emerging literacy skills?
  • In what ways can students be supported to be effective writers across genres, and use specific text features strategically to make their writing meaningful, purposeful, and effective?

Key Concepts

Questions for Journal Writing & Discussion

Suggestions for Projects & Field Activities


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