BookTalk: I Am Scout: The Biography of Harper Lee

by Sharon Kane Did Harper Lee really write the Pulitzer-prize winning classic, To Kill a Mockingbird? Did she play a major (though not credited) role in the writing of Truman Capote’s masterpiece In Cold Blood? Did Lee and Capote work the childhood versions of each other into their works? Why didn’t Harper Lee write more novels? Why … Continue reading “BookTalk: I Am Scout: The Biography of Harper Lee”

Book Talk: Tru and Nelle

by Sharon Kane Many readers who love To Kill a Mockingbird go on to read one or more of the many biographies of Harper Lee. They discover that her childhood in Monroeville, Alabama, provided many experiences that Nelle (as she was known) later wove into her classic novel set in the fictional Maycomb. Readers also … Continue reading “Book Talk: Tru and Nelle”