Teaching Techniques

Teaching Techniques

Instructional Strategy: Scrapbook Biography

Instructional Strategy: Reflective Listening During Reading

Instructional Strategy: Odes in the Content Areas

Instructional Strategy: Use of Vocabulary Guides

Instructional Strategy: Role Playing

Instructional Strategy: Developing Anticipation Guides

Instructional Strategy: Checking Informational Books for Accuracy and Consistency

Instructional Strategy: Creating A Literary Field Trip

The Teacher’s Role During Small Group and Classroom Discussions

Speaking and Listening with English Learners

Jigsaw Collaborative Project Steps

Selecting and Reading Books Aloud to Reluctant Readers

Directed Reading-Thinking Activity

Creating an Inquiry-Based Classroom

Reading Aloud and Using Hybrid Texts

Genre Selections of your Topic Files

Teaching with Literature Circles

Getting Comfortable Reading Aloud

Setting Up a Learning Center

Creating a Literary Field Trip

Teaching vocabulary to English Language Learners

Ways to Teach with Wordless Books

Reading, Using, and Creating Graphs and Charts

Discussion Questions for a Film

Bringing Television into the Content Area Classroom

Steps to Summarize a Reading Passage

Summary Writing Tips

Helping English Learners Write in the Content Areas

Guided Writing Steps

Fishbowl Strategy Steps

WebQuest Components

Survival! Activity

Survival! Chart

Survival! Questions